28 month to go

Today, 1st of April 2008, are only 28 month left to go. Time is running very fast. We are within time schedule. The appointment with the shipyard is arranged for the first week of September. We are now planning the boat transfer from Fécamp to Glückstadt.

The last equipment is selected, ordered and will be installed by the yard. We made our choice! The watermaker will be a 200-DML-1 from ECH2OTECH. We asked for an offer, we will see what the price is in these turbulent time of Dollar exchange rates. A little diesel stove make Dickinson was chosen because of its low fuel consumption and the opportunity to be run when sailing. Our AirX wind generator seems to fall into bits and pieces and gets very noisy after 5 years, so it looks like we´ll have a new quiet one. Our choice at the moment is the D.400 from Eclectic Energy

Thoughts about work - going on early retirement, are very rarely and if they come up - in a good mood and not at all in bad conscience. Today the sunrise on my way to work was absolutely beautiful, so it came into my mind, what the hell is the sense of this humdrum daily round, but fortunately it will change soon, what are 28 month compared to 40 years, nearly nothing.