How much electricity needs a sailor

I am totally confused. During our latest sailor's meeting we had a lively discussion. What's about your electricity on board? Yes, we have two small and one big solar panel and also a wind generator. All looked at us very astonished. And how will you operate your navigation, computer, bread baking machine, microwave oven, washing machine? Your power supply will not be sufficient for that.

But we want to sail, because it should not be like at home. Is a little less not better than too much? To go without something could do you good. Do you really need everything? Manfred and I say consciously NO!  We think our slogan is right: "As many equipment as necessary but as less as possible"! Safety is an important factor: Safety first that's our priority.

We can bake bread with our oven, washing on board is not a nice work, but can be done. Those machines can easily break down on board of a sailing boat. Sea water is very aggressive.

We want to start our journey first and then decide whether some machines are useful or not. If yes, we can buy them and enlarge our electricity producers.