The next step is done, Balimara is in the boatyard.


On first of September we arrived as planned in the Yachtwerft Glückstadt. The passage was somewhat chaotic and of many adversities accompanied, strict after the principle: „If you do think it can not come worse, then it comes worst“. The repair list reached 24 points additionally to the sea damage, which occured during the transfer, in the meantime, whereby the originally planned furnace was taken off the list.


Now  the first offers for the rigg and the new furling arrived. The windows and the modification to „the fixed screen“ are to be time critical, therefore there the inquiries are under way. We are on the way to selecte a new windlass, since „the old one does not move itself “any longer, is quite rotten and made already lots of problems for some time.


It is an amusing feeling to take out the boat during winter, the last 5 years in France we had no winter break and could use the boat all year.

Now the time will pass very quick with further planning, visit the fair in Duesseldorf, organisation of the return to Fécamp Eastern 2009 and all the things, which we would like to do in the last years in the winter.


At the last Trans Ocean Club meeting in Cologne we met  two nice like-minded ones from Kerpen, which want to sail off in July 2010. There we will have much opportunity to exchange ideas over preparation, equipment and everything other related to our dream.


The countdown is still running, 21 month and the rest of October.