The Next Step

Only 26 month to go and we did it. We ordered the water maker 260 DML make ECH20Tec with all necessary spare parts and offshore service kid which is distributed by Aguagiv. Now it is waiting in Munich for transportation to its building site the Yachtwerft Glückstadt. As it always is the decision was not very easy. We discussed all aspects and finally we heeded Brit's and Alex's (Hello World) advice and selected this powerful watermaker which produces 48l/h fresh water. Our power supply on board is overstrained with this. But with such a high performance we will only have to run our motor and the water maker every second day. A device with minor production would run several hours a day. We know that a water maker is not an allowance of unlimited water use like at home. It is important for us to be independent and to have also good water in excellent quality on board.

Yesterday we also got the rope cutter from Harold Hayles. We had one before but it was destroyed when we caught the fisher net while crossing the channel. Luckily the cut the net and we could reach Guernsey with minor motor power. Therefore we are absolutely convinced to mount a new rope cutter when our BALIMARA will be overhauled.

Meanwhile we have replaced nearly all sheets. It is amazing how the material is wearing out during sailing. Sometimes we cannot believe how much money every single purchase swallows and we are only at the beginning of modification!!!!