Water has been my element ever since. When I was 17, I took all my money and travelled with Manfred to Lido di Jesolo (Venice). The smell of the sea, the wind and the water turned me on. I was deeply impressed when I saw the sea, the first time in my life. There at the beach I decided – never to travel to the mountains again. Many journeys to the south of Europe followed. The harbours and the marinas always attracted us. Our dream began and we started to charter bare boats. The first attempts were Canal boats in England. Later with more experience, training, education and courage we chartered sailing boats in the Mediterranean, Caribbean Sea, Florida and Bahamas. Finally -  we wanted our own boat. Seeing our Balimara the first time, it was totally clear to us: She is the one. To be honest, we had the opportunity to visit a Moody 35 in Mallorca some years ago and were very impressed by the design and layout. We thought that she would be the right boat for us. At this time we were far away from realising the dream, but dreams are keeping you up, and sometimes dreams become true.


I was born in 1954, secretary, fondness for reading crime stories and books in general and certainly travelling. I love dolphins and hope that I could swim amongst them sometime, not in a resort but in their natural environment. My biggest problem – I can eat what I want and do not lose any weight. So many years I am struggling hard against my pounds and I haven’t lost a single one. But there is another problem: Reading instructions. I hate that. Perhaps the manufacturers will hear me and will supply amusing audio-books which will give me lot of pleasure by installing new pieces of  equipment on board.





I follow Barbara with everything. Especially water and the open sea are my favourites. To head for a place is my goal, arriving is not so much important. I forget about the stress at work and I relax from the first moment, when I am on the water


I was born in 1952, chemical engineer, I am interested in everything which is associated to water, travelling, nature, geology, people and their countries. This always fascinates me and I cannot get enough.

For these reasons I still have my dream of a long journey by boat, perhaps a circumnavigation, but very slowly to have the opportunity to see as much as possible.



To complete the crew of Ba-Li-Ma-Ra




I was born in 1987. With my parents I share the passion for water. I love music (my favourites are the Beatles but also classical arias), apples, candies, ice-cream, pizza and sightseeing by car. I like to visit interesting places where I can observe my environment. I live together with 23 friends in a home for handicapped people.

Unfortunately I cannot really live on a small boat, but I like the wind and the sea. I had the chance to go on a big ferry-boat from Italy to Greece, I really enjoyed the travels. My parents took me also on a canal-boat in England, I loved that too.


"Harbour" of the crew on land:


We tied up at Muffendorf, which is part of Bonn-Bad-Godesberg, with a lot of flair, above the river Rhine, overlooking the valley. A visit and a walk through the picturesque village can be highly recommended.

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